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I think my gallery needs a warning so... WARNING: My gallery isn't always PG. I can be pretty graphic, I leave that up to you. With that...
Welcome to my gallery!
Enter at your own risk as, this is my brain~! I hope you enjoy my artwork, I vary between lots of stuff. I also have some old work here still, and I only keep it cause its kinda funny XD :typerhappy:
Own Style Stamp by HyperactiveMothManStamp: Differently Creative by RogueDerekDA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompantherIdeas Stamp by IharaDont steal my art by Wolven-SisterDo not steal art by Orpheelin

Request Open Stamp by SquirtleStampsArt Trades Open by SquirtleStamps


I favorite the stuff I love
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Kayla H.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Kayla, and I'm a pretty shy girl, but if you can break me out of my shell, I can be pretty fun and random. I love music, and I love to write and draw. When the idea hits me, I also will create movies and cosplay. Though I am not very popular with anything I do, I still do it because it is me.
I am in a relationship with the greatest man alive, and I love him with all my heart! :heart: I LOVE RYAN!!! :Heart:
I love Michael Jackson, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Tim Burton and Vocaloid! :3

Where you can find me:

My birthday badge

We just got wifi on the 4th, and I started this journal in May, and it was just an art dump so I'm here to change that.
So what's new?
I'm working so much, it seems like I'm never home. I hate my job, however, the pay is good. I've been trying to get out of Walmart. I had a job interview at JcPenny's but they haven't called back and its been like 2 weeks. But like, they called me 3 weeks AFTER i applied so maybe they are just slow and don't touch stuff often. Who honestly knows. But then the Pharmacy at Walmart seemed interested, but I doubt I can get in cuz Walmart coached me for 2 reasons, 1 was really bad and its hard to department change if you have been coached (Its bad.) 

I've lost a lot of "Friends" I'm down to like two people (In real life of course) and its hard to make plans cuz of jobs and school and stuff (I'm not in school but they are. ) and people still wanna hang out, but again jobs and school. Or its me making the plans so it gets annoying. I don't wanna have to always reach out, you know? 

But Apartment life is good, but its hot. Its summer and on the second floor its bad. But I got three fans and I don't live with my mother. So, how cool is that! I for the most part like being an adult but other times it kinda sucks.

I'm  not drawing as much, but I'm writing a lot. I have three story drafts  that are interesting. But it only looks like one is really good.
Bullet; Yellow Island Story: It is my most serious story I'm working on. It is an Alternate Universe, where instead of Victor dying he lives and washes up on an island off the coast of Spain and falls in love with the Owners daughter, Felicia. Originally, I had gotten tired of Victor, so I planned on killing him. But later, I started to kinda miss him but I killed him. And bringing him back would be complicated cuz I've done so much with his ex wife, Karu. So that's why its an AU but in the AU I plan on bringing Karu into it and making them make peace.
Bullet; Green I'm re-writing Karu's story, from the beginning. But its kinda boring. So its slowly being worked on. 
Bullet; Pink I also have a story about my character Sandra. Where she gets pregnant by her boyfriend, Rhy, and is worried she'll ruin his life and is scared of Sweeney's reaction so she runs away and lives with Johanna. There is a sex scene. and then after that, I"ve never been pregnant. So idk how to write.

I also have other stuff too-
Bullet; Black Avenging Sweeney has not been forgotten, just been lazy AF and I have ideas- written down
Bullet; Red I'm planning an AU of an AU, where Victor, Felicia, Karu and William all live together sooooo Yeah :D

I'm into Game Of Thrones lately, I just adore it, and I'm re-into Panic! At The Disco. I've been listening to the Death Of A Bachelor Album on a loop.

I PLAY A LOT OF SIMS OMFG i have a big ass family that started with Sebastian and Ciel

Sebastian + Ciel
Rachel Molly and Felix.
Their kids: Holly, Alejandro, Julie, Nova, Liz,Caroline, Jade,Brady, Dwight, Jaylee
and some of their kids: Jake, Aria,Caleb,Kelly, August, Hope, Angelina, Link etc...

Well, I'll try to be more active with more art soon, for now, have an ART DUMPPPP

2014 Summary Of Art Blank By Dustbunnythumper-d89q by karutimburtonfanThe Corpse Bride-Painting by karutimburtonfanEdward Elric Cosplay 4 by karutimburtonfanTiny Floating Whale- Ceramic by karutimburtonfanRoygbiv Family by karutimburtonfanPretty Little Liars 6x09 Wallpaper or something by karutimburtonfan

Karu Finds A Turtle by karutimburtonfanMichaelis Generation 2 by karutimburtonfanSandra Todd- Modern by karutimburtonfanGarnet, Amethyst and Pearl by karutimburtonfanStephanie and Sally 2015 by karutimburtonfanJames and Amanda Hope by karutimburtonfan

I am the Fullmetal Alchemist! by karutimburtonfanSteven Universe-Rose Quartz by karutimburtonfanCourtney Gears by karutimburtonfanLeonardus Fances (2015) by karutimburtonfanHi Baby! by karutimburtonfanShia LaSims (Shia Labeouf) (DL in description) by karutimburtonfanJust One Of Those Nights (Karu) by karutimburtonfan

One of Those Days (Sandi) by karutimburtonfanPac Man Ghost (Blinky) by karutimburtonfanEverybody, Put Your Hands Up by karutimburtonfanFour Day Project- Plush- OC Karu by karutimburtonfanKaru Plush(Final) by karutimburtonfanKayla's Apartment Teaser by karutimburtonfan

A Very Merry Kayan Christmas.  by karutimburtonfan2016Lapis Lazuli by karutimburtonfanThe Crystal Gems.  by karutimburtonfanCherri Phoenix Black by karutimburtonfanThe Onceler  by karutimburtonfanWooden Letters by karutimburtonfan

Easter Eggs 2016 by karutimburtonfanBeach Lovin by karutimburtonfanKirby by karutimburtonfanRuby and Sapphire by karutimburtonfanLemongrab by karutimburtonfanBruce by karutimburtonfanMistress Fi by karutimburtonfanLink Skyward Sword by karutimburtonfanKayla and Isla by karutimburtonfan


Mature Content

Avenging Sweeney Chapter 21Chapter 21
Sandi was quiet. Quiet for a long time. Mrs.Lovett awaited a response anxiously. After sometime, Sandi finally spoke.
"This can't be true..." she said softly. She looked at her father, looking for an expression, looking for the truth.Anything would do. Sweeney didn't say anything. Sandi sighed. "How do i know that this is true? Why didn't you say anything?" She looked at both of them. "Why did Toby know?!?"
"To be fair, I only knew not long ago. Still don't know why the boy knows. "Sweeney said, Mrs Lovett said nothing. Sweeney was quiet now, he knew Sandra must be going through a lot right now. Without saying anymore, he crept to the doors and upstairs. Sandi looked back at Mrs. Lovett. If its true, why did you let me go? " Mrs Lovett took a deep breath.
"The night you were conceived, your father was drunk... He never knew.of you, or our relationship. He loved Lucy and i didn't want to ruin anything. " Clearly, she was upset, but she stood strong.
"Why did you give me up to
Avenging Sweeney Chapter 22Chapter 22
The sun came up that next morning, and the day started as normal. Mrs. Lovett delivered breakfast up to Sweeney, who stared out the window of his shop, waiting for the day to begin. Sweeney didn’t bother to look at her, this sort of bothered her, considering the other night and what happened. “Mr Todd-” she started but he cut her off.
“How did she take it?” he asked.
“What?”She asked.
“Knowing about who you are to her…”
Mrs. Lovett frowned. “Not bad...But...She said she needed time to think.”
“Mhm…” Sweeney replied, then going silent again, still, not even a head turn. Things were quiet. That’s when Mrs. Lovett. after hesitation started again. “What are we?”
Sweeney froze up, then looked over his shoulder.“What?”
She looked at him, and took  a deep breath. “What are we, Mr. Todd? Where do you and I stand?”
Sweeney thought about what she ask
Avenging Sweeney Chapter 23Chapter 23
Mrs. Lovett put on some tea, while Sweeney, Anthony and Johanna sat together in one booth. It was relatively quiet, as now, no one really knew what to say to one another. Well, this was awkward. Sweeney hesitated, he wasn’t sure what to say, but he knew he was dying to learn about his daughter, Sandra too, but he had a little time with Sandra before this. He sighed deeply. “Where are you two located?” Sweeney finally spoke.Johanna looked at Anthony and then to Sweeney, but back to Anthony. “Anthony, is it about a half a day's journey?” Anthony nodded. “Roughly.” He said with a weak smile  ‘Let this go good…’ he thought.  “We got a carriage yesterday afternoon, and here we are now.” Johanna said, seeming shy. Sweeney  felt a small smile form on his face, and Mrs. Lovett noticed this. Sweeney thought Johanna was a spitting image of his late wife, she was virtuous as well, however much more s
Avenging Sweeney Chapter 24Sandra journeyed home, and on her way there stopped to a library and picked a few books up. She made her way there and then hesitated as she walked into the pie shop. Johanna was sitting in a booth, eating a late lunch
.” Good afternoon,Sandra “
“Hi,Johanna, whatcha eating?”
“ I honestly hope not human… “ she said “but it tastes good”
“May I?”
Johanna nodded, offering her the bowl. Sandra sat her books down and took the spoon and took a bite. “I can't tell what it is but… It is good. Definitely not human.” She laughed and Johanna did too.
“I wish we didn't have to grow up alone, I wish we had been together. “ she sighed. “So are we really half sisters only? “
“Yeah...I mean I guess so. Still figuring that out. “
“I just am meeting you and I feel like I've known you my whole life. I consider you to be blood. “
“Me too. “ she smiled.
“ so
  • Listening to: DEATH OF A BACHELOR!
  • Reading: Pretty Little Liars- Wicked
  • Watching: Once Upon A Time Season 4
  • Playing: Sims 3, JUST DANCE


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Victor's Stubble by karutimburtonfan
Victor's Stubble
So I'm writing this Alternate Universe Fanfiction about my dead OC, Victor, not actually dying but ending up on an island. I'm typing some of it now, but I decided I'd add a bit where he realizes he hasn't shaven in a while, which he normally did on a regular basis, but almost dying didn't give him a chance to. 
So just this cute idea of mine has branched into many other ideas, so I quickly sketched on Paint (omg paint!) Victor with a little bit of stubble and I brought his long hair back cuz yaaas.
Really poor Phineas and Ferb art by karutimburtonfan
Really poor Phineas and Ferb art
Well, its bad but I thought you would find it funny to see my bordem XD 
I'm really into Phineas and Ferb right now... XD 
I promise, better art to come for this, but enjoy this XD
Ps Envys-Wife Look XD
Chapter 25
   “It's simple” Sandra said “Father, you have no need for murder, but if you stop, Mother has no income. So, don't sell just meat pies!”
Sweeney tilted his head “and what do you suppose we sell?”
“We make a menu, sandwiches, broths, desert.”
“What about Mr.Todd? His business?” Anthony asked
“That's going to stay the same, minus his murdering. He can put a decent price, and offer other things, male and female, haircuts, you know. “
Sweeney nods “sounds fair”
“ do you have menu ideas?” Johanna asked
“She sure does” Mrs Lovett said and Sandra nodded.
” I'm still working on it though. “
Sandra took a out what looked to be a rough draft of a menu. The group looked over what Sandra had written. The shop would continue to be called “Mrs. Lovett’s Pie shop” but would include “new and improved” in the title. The meat pie would be recreated with a new recipe, which will continue to be unknown what’s in it, but this time, no humans would be harmed in the making of them. They would also include selling: broths, sandwiches, other meat products and desserts, such as pie and ice cream.
“It sounds brilliant, Sandra.” Sweeney said, a smirk forming on his face. Anthony and Johanna nodded.
“I agree,you are brilliant.” Johanna said and Anthony agreed. Sandra blushed from all the praise.
“So, when do we begin?” Sweeney asked
“Well, we are gonna need time to set up and get learning new recipes.” Sandra said, looking at Mrs.Lovett, who blushed.
“Will you be needing any help in the kitchen?”  Johanna asked.
“Sure, you and Toby and help downstairs, and Father and I got upstairs, Anthony you can too if you want. “ and he nodded.  
The next day came around, and the pie shop was closed. There was a sign on the door which read “Closed for remodeling.” Anthony and Sweeney worked on the building, while Mrs. Lovett and Toby were cooking together, trying to learn some new recipes from the cookbook Sandi brought. While that happened, Sandra took her sister into town. They collected food from the market and even went to see the tailor, to get new clothes for Johanna.  They got fruit and vegetables for soups and pies and side dishes for the main courses.  
That’s where  Raymond was lurking. He’d been waiting for Sandra to show her face in town all morning, so she could confront her. Raymond approached Sandi and Johanna.
“Hello, Sandra.” Raymond said.
Sandra gulped. He made her nervous. “H-Hello, Raymond.”
“Who’s this?” he asked, looking at Johanna.
“This is- Jane! Jane is my long lost friend from the orphanage!”
Very confused, Johanna went along with it. “Yes, hello. My name is Jane.”
“Pleasure to meet you, Jane. Sandra, can we talk?”
“Uhhh...Sure, sure.”
“Right now?”
“Yes, right now.”
“...Sure, let me just pay with Jane and I’ll meet you at the market entrance.”
“Sure.” he said and she took Johanna’s hand and walked quickly to pay.
“What was that all about?”
“I met him a few days ago, he had a lot in common, our parent situation...and so we walked around together a lot since. Just the other day, he said the last time someone saw his father, he was seen walking out of a barbershop…”
Johanna gasped. “So that must mean…?”
“Yes. That’s why I called you Jane...What if “Johanna” was enough for him to piece it all together?”
“You can’t meet with him alone!”
“I’ll be fine, it will be suspicious if you come with me.”
Johanna hesitated and nodded slowly.  “Anything I can do?”
“Just be calm okay? Don’t freak Father or Mrs.Lovett out.”  and Johanna nodded, she took home the stuff they had bought and made it swiftly back to the pie shop.
“Hello, love.” Mrs. Lovett said. “Where is your sister?”
“uhhh...She’ll be home in a bit. One last thing she wanted to do.”
Sandi caught up with Raymond and they walked far from the crowd.
“So...What is th-”
“You never said Mrs. Lovett was watching over you.”
“Wait...How did you-?”
“I saw you inside last night…”
“Wait, are you following me?”
“Are you aware that Mrs. Lovett is harboring a murderer? And this town is too oblivious to do anything!?”
“Hey, why are you accusing Sweeney Todd of being a murderer?”
“He murdered my father...Judge Alan Turpin! There was rumors that any man who went alone never left!”  
Sandra gulped. “But there isn’t any evidence…”
“You’re quick to defend him, but I know that man is a killer, and I WILL get my revenge on him!”
“You won't touch a hair on my father’s head!” Raymond’s eyes widened and Sandi covered her mouth.
“Father you say?” he smirked  and Sand squeaked and started to run.
“When you all least expect it, I’ll come after you all!” he yelled after her, and she was dashing as quick as her legs would carry her. She kept running, looking behind her, she then tripped, falling over. She yelped out and kept running after. ‘I have to warn everyone…’
Soon, Sandra bursted into the pie shop. Sweeney was sitting with a glass of ale, and Johanna and Anthony were across the table from him. Toby was cleaning and Mrs.Lovett was finishing up a recipe for them all to try.
“He’s coming for us!” Sandra cried.
Sweeney looked puzzled.” Who is, Sandra?”
“Is it that guy in town?” Johanna asked
“Guy?” Sweeney questioned, seeming to be protective.
“He knows you kill people! You killed his father! Raymond Turpin! He’s coming!” she said all nervous, covered in dirt from her fall.
She sobbed nervously and Mrs. Lovett ran to her, and helped her sit down. “Calm down, love.  You’re a mess…”
Sweeney stood up. “Turpin? As in...Judge Turpin?”
Sandi nodded. “Raymond...Is his son…”
“ I wasn’t aware the Judge had any children…” Mrs. Lovett said.
“Neither was I…”
“He wants to kill us!”
“I won't let anyone hurt my family, Sandra.” Sweeney said defensively.  “We’ll come up with a plan…”
Avenging Sweeney Chapter 25
Hello, friends and followers. I haven't posted a new chapter in FOREVER and that's cuz I've been out of wifi and only been writing at work, but I get distracted easily. SO yeah here is this, its kinda shit but kinda not but oh well.  I hope you enjoy this, because its pretty much half way done and that means the drama is rising...DUN DUN DUUUUUUN. :) 
We finally know who Raymond is now... >:c

Previous chapter(24):…

Chapter 24:… 
Avenging Sweeney:…
Avenging Sweeney on Fanfiction:…
Raymond Turpin WIP by karutimburtonfan
Raymond Turpin WIP
I was working on an art photo thingy for Avenging Sweeney when I realized, Raymond only looked like what I pictured him in my head, he didn't have a "form" yet. So this was born. Its in Black and White because I'm not done but I figured maybe ya'll would wanna see Raymond (those who read Avenging Sweeney) that is.  He's supposed to resemble a young Alan Rickman, as Raymond is Judge Turpins love child.
Also apparently I made him  a smoker...? 
Felicia Kapa WIP by karutimburtonfan
Felicia Kapa WIP
I drew her here (…) when I was first working on here. The beach picture was legit her first drawing. So here she is, kind of, all done. I say kind of because a friend of mine said she looked like Misty so now I'm all paranoid because I don't want her to look like Misty so I'm working on updating how I want her to look. 
Drawn 6/27/16 Image taken by my phone

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